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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

England Woman Single Looking Man for Relationship Partner

UK Women Looking Someone to Meet & Date
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British Single Women Dating for Relationship
Name: Sarah
Age--: 34-years
City--: London
Country: England

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Mobile No: +44 xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Mobile No: +44 xxxxxxxxxxxx
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  1. Hello how are you doing I hop that you're fine can we make it real to the good position I love you I Okello Geoffrey ,Ugandan by nationality am Acholi by tribe ,I am 28yrs old if you're interested you can contact me through whatsapp +256783972956 then we discuss more
    Thanks I love you you.

  2. Please my beloved, I from Biafra in South East Nigeria. Please don't mind where I come from. Just look into my heart and know weather is it the kind of man you need as a lover. I vow today that I will never make you upset. I will make you proud as my queen of my life. My WhatsApp number is +2349049109272.

  3. Hi.. I'm searching for a true serious relationship who doesn't do joke. I'm 34yrs. From Sri Lanka.

    Contact me...

  4. Hi I am Karim from afghan
    Now I am in turkey
    I am 29 years old
    187 cm High
    and Honest
    My WhatsApp number 00905369767597
    Goodbye friend

  5. Name: Khelef
    Sex: Male
    Status: Single
    Country: Zanzibar,Tanzania
    Please call me

  6. Hello this is me Safeer from Karachi Sindh Pakistan and I am single smart slim graduate unmarried and I want to marry with you plz reply me


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